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Access Your Tax Return Online

Thank you for inquiring about the Client Accounts section of our web page. We would like to provide you with the convenience and security to be able to access you tax returns whenever and wherever needed. We are offering web storage for your last two year income tax returns as well as the option for storing future income tax returns. Once this information is uploaded, you can download and print your return anytime.

Log in using your email & password

Request online access to your return(s)

There is no charge for your initial administrative setup and processing. Your account will include processing and setup of your secured account.

Once your account has been established we will upload your last two years income tax returns. Please remember: all future tax returns are not automatically uploaded.

If you are interested and would like to have the ability to access any and all income tax returns when needed, please contact Gina Stevens, Office Manager (310) 376-0455. In order to provide the highest security possible, this request has to be made directly to Gina.

Once your account has been established you will receive an email within 48hrs. with instructions on how to access your account with your copies ready to use. If you would like to proceed, please call Gina Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm to verify certain security information.